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YAMI4Industry - Messaging for Critical Systems

YAMI4Industry is a dedicated package that is part of YAMI4 project, which is a set of messaging libraries designed for distributed systems with particular focus on control and monitoring systems.

This dedicated package is intended for further adaptation on embedded target platforms and in those project that choose the MISRA-C coding standard to facilitate static analysis, certification, audits and other forms of formal validations.

The major features of YAMI4Industry package are:


See the YAMI4 homepage for more information of the complete YAMI4 product suite.

Licensing and Download

The YAMI4Industry package is dual-licensed and is available in the following two versions:

The following GPL package is available for download (contact us for details on professional package):




Source package: library, API reference, unit tests and simple examples.


Need more information about the YAMI4 MISRA-C package? Do not hesitate to ask.