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YAMI4 - Messaging Solution for Distributed Systems

YAMI4 is a set of messaging libraries designed for distributed systems with particular focus on control and monitoring systems.

The major features of YAMI4 are:

In addition to the above capabilities that are ready to use in the peer-to-peer mode, the YAMI4 suite offers:

The YAMI4 suite for general computing is a multi-language and multi-platform package with dedicated libraries for Ada, C++, Java, .NET and Python and is supported on POSIX-like systems, Microsoft Windows and Java-based platforms.

Apart from supporting general-purpose distributed systems, YAMI4 also has dedicated packages for other specialized areas:

Industry Prototyping Boards

YAMI4 For Industry
and Critical Systems

YAMI4 For Single Boards

See also the Frequently Asked Questions about YAMI4.

Advocacy - Why you should use YAMI4?

The following articles present various aspects of YAMI4 that can help you decide whether YAMI4 is a good solution to your problems:


YAMI4 book cover

"Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4" by Maciej Sobczak

This book is a comprehensive YAMI4 manual that describes the messaging concepts and typical usage patterns.

Buy this book on Lulu.

The HTML version of this book is available as well.

YAMI4 Video Tutorial

YAMI4 Video Tutorial on YouTube

This tutorial explains fundamental concepts of the YAMI4 library and demonstrates the use of example programs.

For the API reference see the documentation generated from source files:

Supplementary material:

Discussion Groups

The YAMI4 LinkedIn Group and YAMI4 Google Group are places where YAMI4 users are invited to meet others and to discuss their experiences, find help and exchange ideas.

Licensing and Download

The YAMI4 libraries are dual-licensed and are available in the following two versions:

The following GPL packages are available for download (contact us for details on professional packages):



Universal source package: libraries, services and tools.

Appropriate for Ada, C++, Java, .NET and Python programmers on both Linux and Windows.

Third-party tools

The Wireshark network protocol analyser contains a dedicated built-in YAMI4 filter.


Need more information about the YAMI4 project? Do not hesitate to ask.