YAMI4 for .NET 1.3.0

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Inspirel.YAMI.AgentMessage broker
Inspirel.YAMI.BadProtocolExceptionException class, used to indicate that a given protocol was not recognized
Inspirel.YAMI.BadStateExceptionException class, used to indicate that a given object is in the inappropriate state for the requested operation
Inspirel.YAMI.BadTypeExceptionException class, used to indicate that the entry has a different type than expected
Inspirel.YAMI.ConnectionEventArgsProvides data for notification the user code about the change in the set of connections
Inspirel.YAMI.Parameters.EntryClass representing a single entry in the collection
Inspirel.YAMI.ExceptionBaseException base class - all YAMI4 exception are derived from this class
Inspirel.YAMI.IncomingMessageIncoming message handler
Inspirel.YAMI.IncomingMessageArgsProvides data for IncomingMessageHandler implementation
Inspirel.YAMI.LogEventArgsProvides data for logging events. Used by Agent.Log event to provide data for logging
Inspirel.YAMI.OutgoingMessage.MessageStateInfoHelper class for reporting full message state
Inspirel.YAMI.NoSuchNameExceptionException class, used to indicate that the named entry or object was not found
Inspirel.YAMI.OptionNamesThis class groups constant values for option names. These constants are recommended instead of literal values for safety
Inspirel.YAMI.Agent.OutgoingFlowStateHelper class for returning the state of outgoing flow
Inspirel.YAMI.OutgoingMessageOutgoing message
Inspirel.YAMI.ParametersCollection of message parameters
Inspirel.YAMI.RawBinaryDataSourceSerializable wrapper for the raw binary data
Inspirel.YAMI.ValuePublisher.SubscriberInfoHelper class for holding destination target and object for any given subscriber
Inspirel.YAMI.UnexpectedValueExceptionException class, used to indicate that the value used to serialize or deserialize data cannot be properly processed
Inspirel.YAMI.ValuePublisherSimple subscription publisher
Inspirel.YAMI.VersionLibrary version information
Inspirel.YAMI.YAMIIOExceptionException class, used to indicate a general I/O error
Inspirel.YAMI.YAMISerializableCommon interface for serializable entities in YAMI
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