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Prodiams - Programmable Diagrams

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Prodiams are intended to allow engineers to work with diagrams and schematics following the same standards and processes that are already established in the world of software engineering:

Prodiams were also intentionally made to be easy to generate or to act as sources for further processing, which makes them a versatile utility for model-based engineering and formal methods. The Logic Assistant tool is an example of a bigger program that relies on Prodiams for drawing images.

The Prodiams package is an open framework, written in the Wolfram programming language and is intended to be used with the Mathematica computing platform. It was designed to be portable and works on any system supporting Mathematica, including Raspberry Pi.


Licensing and Download

The Prodiams package is a free software, distributed under the GPL v. 3.0 license or other, if requested.



Source package: Wolfram package files.


Need more information about the Prodiams package? Do not hesitate to ask.