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Installing FMT

The Formal Methods Toolkit is a set of Wolfram packages that can be loaded into any Mathematica session. The packages themselves are separate text files with extension .wl, archived within the ZIP distribution file:


The file that will be used the most frequently is FMT.wl, which is a root package for the whole library and which automatically pulls all other files into the kernel.

In order for these files to be easily accessible, it is recommended to place them in a location where Mathematica searches for standard and user-specific packages - the appropriate directories are defined by the $Path symbol, which itself depends on the target platform and local system configuration.

It is recommended to place all FMT files under the Applications subdirectory of $UserBaseDirectory - this should be already included in the $Path list. The following directories might be appropriate respectively for Linux (in particular Raspbian), Mac OS X and Windows:




When this is done, FMT can be loaded into the user session with a usual command:


FMT consists of many thousands lines of Wolfram code and reading all these files into the user session can take a couple of seconds on slower machines.

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